Lowrider Chougths

Why in english? 

to write or speak in an other language is a good training for  .... whatever :-)

by the way ... just know that I hate you all and I hope you all get hit by a bus in 3 days. All at the same time, on the same street, and by the same bus.

Sorry I do not hope you all get hit by a bus in three days, I was just joking. I hope it happens tomorrow!

Ok ok this isn´t my Idea ...  found it on a great Site, from a great guy who writes extremly good Tutorials for Web Development Purposes.  tl_files/rocketman/pics/DevelopPHP.png

P.S before you die ... visit a Rocketman Gig or buy a CD :-)

The Alien - part I

19.09.2011 21:02 by Lowrider (comments: 7)

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Mother´s Finest

10.07.2011 21:13 by Lowrider (comments: 0)

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Jazz Basses

10.07.2011 19:27 by Lowrider (comments: 0)

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Anny McVan

13.03.2011 15:31 by Lowrider (comments: 0)

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So what the fff.....

26.11.2010 01:53 by Lowrider (comments: 0)

I had to look for the description

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A Good Choice

25.11.2010 22:29 by Lowrider (comments: 0)

I think a good choice to start is to ...

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