So what the fff.....

26.11.2010 01:53 by Lowrider (comments: 0)

is a blog

I had to look for the description in WIKI.

hmm a blog is just a senseless space for lunatics and geeks like me to shit their thoughts into the internet for whatever purpose or reason :-)

Ok i feel something coming  a  small, to say it with the words of the german "Comedian" (what the fff...) Kurt Krömer, Mind Kackwurst.

So here it is  ... why a blog ? and if .. why not try to bring a little sense to it?  so if you, my dear lonley brave webhero, have any questions or thoughts about music, multimedia or have some other things to share ... go on.

Music is the best thats where we all agree

peace Lowrider

Peavey B Quad
Peavey B Quad

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