Bassist Komponist Mediengestalter
Bassplayer Composer Mediadesigner


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Hier sind teilfertige aber auch unausgegorene Songs und Entwürfe aus dem Homerecording zu hören die ich zuhause eingespielt habe.

Vieles davon wird wohl nicht in das Repertoire von Rocketman übernommen werden können aber einiges schreit sehr danach.


Here are some partially finished but also halfbacked Songs and Ideas wich i have homerecorded.
Many of this material won´t find it´s way to the Rocketman Repertoire but some of this is screaming for it.



Music is the best

Peace Lowrider




  1. Westone Jazz Bass 70ies
  2. NoName Jazz Bass 70ies
  3. Tacoma Jazz Bass 70ies
  4. Daion Power Mark X Bass
  5. ----------------------------------
  6. Peavey BQuad Carbon
  7. Ibanez RT Strat Guitar
  8. Framus Texan Acoustic
  9. Yamaha G225 classic


  1. Mesa Boogie M6 bassamp
  2. 2 pc. Ashdown 4x10 cabinets
  3. Yamaha NE 1 Para Eq
  4. ------------------------------------------
  5. Yamaha G100 212II guitaramp
  6. TC Vintage comp
  7. Empress Tremolo
  8. EBS Multi Drive
  9. Peavey T.G Raxx
  10. Art Pro Channel
  11. Edirol FA 66 Firewire


  1. Left Hand Right hand
  2. Brain Heart Soul
  3. 30 years of Experience on the Road
  4. in Bands / at big and small Venues
  5. Music Theorie Technique Rhythm
  6. Eartraining Read Music Composing

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